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Resourceful people - pionniers on E-waste promotion

WR3A promotes E-waste Fair Trade Recycling and tries to develop a Fair Trade between ''E-waste'' exporters and importers. The main goal of WR3A is to respect people, the Environment and also reducing the digital bridge between the ''South'' and the ''North''.
WR3A has dynamic members and partners. Fair Trade respects People.
This article presents some actors of Fair Trade Recycling from everywhere.

Let me present them to you : 
  • Christina - Vermont
  • Fung - Malaysia 
  • John -  Vermont 
  • Jinex - Peru 
  • Robin - Vermont
  • Fahiri - Burkina Faso
Christina - Vermont
Name : Christina Richmond 

Professional life : Christina  works at Good Point Recycling since few months. She is doing eBay's sales of vintage and rare products, processors containing gold... which are from the warehouse. Thanks to Christina, E-waste have a second life

For example, how to sell an  audio amplifier on eBay:
  • Dust removal
  • Pictures of the article : many and different views to show the exact condition of it
  • A complete description on eBay : good condition, scratched...
The description is rigorous to be the most honest as possible with the potentiel buyer. GPR promises 14 days money back if the buyer is not satisfied, however 99.6% comments are positive on eBay.
The ability of Christina is appreciated : she is autonomous, has adapted herself quickly and has improved sales...  Her best sale is above $2 000, not too bad for an E-waste, isn'it?

What do you like in your job?
Christina's reasons are numerous and diversified, first she likes her collegues. Her work is every day different, so very interesting. Moreover, she can work at her pulse so without pressure.
Fung - Malaysia
Name : Ow Young Su Fung

Professionnal life : Fung is Net Peripheral's managing director, a malaysian company which refurbished used computer. This corporation import legally from USA. They have ISO 14001 certification since 2009 and R2 audit. By the past, they passed ISO 9000 but do not renew it because it is too expensive. 
In the past 4 years, Net Peripheral has received 300 000 CRT monitors. They are classified by size, cosmetic outlook case and quality before proceeding refurbishment. The 30 employees of  Net Peripheral are working as surgeon, they are repairing or substituting defective parts. Refurbished monitors are exported with warranty.
Monitors which are not refurbished are demanufactured and some pieces are reusable or recyclable, some other not.
Two wastes can be harmful for the environment when they are not carefully managed : CRT glass and printed circuit. CRT glass is strictly regulated by the environment's department in Malaysia and have to be recycled by an authorized recycler. CRTs are recycled in a smelter hold by Samsung Corning. Printed circuit are sold to a company which is recognized by the malaysian environment's department too. Authorized recyclers need to obtain a valid permit from the Malaysian Department Of Environment.

Employees number : 30

Activism : Fung is active for the development of her community. Allen and her gave working computers to an amblyopia school to develop a cyber cafe. This project is trying to rise funds to be succesful.

Moreover, in Cambodgia (in Kuala Lumpur) a church has opened a computer learning center to teach to children how to use computers. Fung and Allen gave working PCs. Volunteers are helping children to use them.

If you want to read about : The magazine Recycling International presents the company where is working Fung, ''refur-bished and repaired in a warehouse operation that meets strict ISO 14 001 standards, and then are shipped out to customers in the developing world who can’t afford to buy new. The only abuse around here might be the Britney Spears playing on a radio.''
John - Vermont
Name : John Fontanilles

Professionnal life : John is the tech of Good Point Recycling, his computer skills make him essential. In the same time, he is in charge of many employees, ''digs out'' valuable materials to sale it on eBay and answers to customers which are very exacting.
John is probably the person who add the most important value to E-wastes :
  • ''Dig out'' the electronic equipment which are scarce or very valuable
  • Train employees to recognize the valuable equipments/E-waste
  • Do the maintenance and install computers, printers... 
  • Etc.

Activism : USA are famous to have big SUV which are pollutants, John is coming to work every day by bicycle so more than 25 miles per day and it is hilly!

What do you like in your job?
John has responsibility at GPR. His work is various and rewarding.
Jinex - Peru
Name : Jinex Midevil

Professionnal life : Jinex has a TVs repair and sale shop. She bought second hand TVs from recycler which sale to her good equipments. She imports from USA and more and more from China. She sales second hand TVs and brand news to answer the will of her customers. She is adapting her business to the economy, as the Peru's standard of living is rising, she is saling products of higher qualities and newer.

Employees number : 6 employees which are complementary : techs, painters and salers. 

What do you like in your job?
Thanks to her business, Jinex meets recyclers and create a professional network. She likes her work, she would like to evolve towards international business.
Robin -Vermont
Name : Robin Ingenthron

Professionnal life : Robin followed her wife, Armelle, in Vermont and started his own business Good Point Recycling (GPR). He is also the WR3A's president.

Employees number : about 30 at Good Point Recycling

Activism : Robin update his blog  blog Good Point Ideas, which has 756 different articles on my count! Robin is very active in the promotion of Fair Trade Recycling. He likes given conferences and explaining his ideas. With her family, Armelle and 3 kids, they are open-minded and warm, they accommodate people : from the political exile to poor people.

What do you like in your job?
Robin develops his ideas by his business, more reuse and recycling leads to less mining. Mining is a very polluting activity which is moderate by the reuse and recycling.
Moreover, according to Robin exporting second hand products of good quality allows to :
  • Reducing the digital bridge between the ''North'' and the ''South''
  • Create jobs
  • Develop a local economy
Fahiri – Burkina Faso et Canada
First name given by his dad : Fahiri
Exercice name (Burkina Faso) : Maître Fahiri Somda.

Study : Fahiri is currently a student at Montreal on Canada, his goal is to obtain the equivalent of his diploma from Burkina Faso. He has a degree in Law and a diploma from the ''Magistrature française'' (6 years after high school).

Professionnal life :
Fahiri worked 11 years and 13 days in the ''Magistrature'' at  Burkina Faso, until 1996 where he resigned.

What do you like in your job?
Fahiri likes activity and hates injustice, for this reason he chosen to study law and be involved in politic. He likes e-waste, Robin Ingenthron gave him his passion. In fact, Fahiri has been an intern at Good Point Recycling in Vermont, where he published some articles.

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