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Positions at Good Point Recycling...

Good Point Recycling (GPR) is a Vermont corporation which promote Electronic Waste Reuse & Recycling. We are currently offering position for students : paid and not-paid internship.

If you are interested about it, the following article is about what are doing the GPR's altern and current interns. You can have ideas of what you can do at Good Point Recycling...

Interns from GPR are / were :
  • Brenda
  • Fahiri
  • Jay
  • Oscar
  • Me

Brenda - Netherlands - 2009/2010

Fluent in Spanish, English, Dutch, French and German (Very impressive :) )

Fahiri - Burkina Faso - 2010

Fahiri has been an intern at Good Point Recycling, he used to work on the warehouse.
Currently, he is studying law at Montreal.He will maybe become an attorney specialized in E-waste or create his own businees in E-waste...

Jay - USA - 2006

Motivation for doing an internship
Jay did a 4 months internship at Good Point Recycling in 2006 because he was interested in the environment and technology and also how Robin (owner of Good Point Recycling and director of WR3A)  and his team were building a business based on sustainability. ''What started as a curiosity about recycling turned into a pivotal experience for me and one that continues to influence my life as a board member of WR3A.''
''For the college, Good Point serves as an incredible training ground for students interested in social enterprise, entrepreneurship and recycling.''

During his internship Jay learned about all aspects of the business, from de-manufacturing computers and inspecting and shipping monitors, to travelling to Mexico to interview and hire a foreman for the new plant and investigate international trade laws pertaining to the import and export of electronics for the new facility.
Moreover, this internship permit to Jay to discover another side of Middlebury, beyond the walls of the College.
''Good Point's international work is a powerful example of the ability to scale local learnings to have a global impact. Not only has Good Point moved the needle of the conversation around e-waste recycling in Vermont and the US, but the same passion and rationale that has brought about change locally is being applied by Robin and others to improve and inform the international dialogue on fair trade recycling. ''

Jay is still a board member of WR3A. He has worked for Google since 2007 and currently serves as the Secretary of the Google Foundation.
Oscar - USA

Oscar - Mexico - 2007

Experiences during his internship
Oscar did an internship at Good Point Recycling during the summer 2007.He was sorting the electronic waste : Reuse or Recycling. He found this first experience with electronics recycling very interesting and learnt a lot. Later in 2008, he was back at Good Point Recycling and ''got trained further in all aspects of electronics recycling''. He was sorting, doing translation and was also assistant and a management consultant throughout the different departments of the company. He is part of the Mexican project : he trained Lydia and Don Chuco... The Mexican project is a business in Mexico which sort out and demanufacture E-waste, this is a woman cooperative. Oscar was finally the Tech Department's asset manager ''a role in which I was in charge of the Ebay sales and also supervised the technician, Jason''.

Oscar is working for Retroworks Inc. '' mainly to open up the market for us to expand over there and get some new contracts''. And doing a lot of other things such as maintaining the relationship with WorldCare, working in the warehouse, helped with one day events and also helped with the eBay sales.

Member of WR3A : believe in sustainable business - believe in Fair Trade Recycling - meet great people

Adélaïde - France - 2012
My internship with WR3A will validate my master degree on Environmental Management & Major on Waste Management & Soil Remediation.
I really like my internship because my tasks are numerous and varied : translation, research, demanufacture, pc testing, communication about e-waste for students and much more...
I also have a lot of contacts from WR3A which helps me to improve my professional network.

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  1. Hi Adelaide, I am also currently blogging in Spanish with regards to what WR3A (now Fair Trade Recycling) does and where it stands as well as translating and posting some of the information already available in English (but not yet in Spanish) with regards to Electronics Recycling. :)