Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Special event at Green Mountain College, Poultney

On this 18th April, Good Point Recycling was at Green Mountain College for a special event : free E-waste collect for students. This initiative is from two environmental students Justin and Mary. 

Talking, informations with students

Electronic event are a great time to talk with people and explain to them what happens with ''e-waste''. People do not really know what are ''e-waste'' and how they can be reuse and recycle safely and environmentally-friendly way. 
Our stand was composed of gold processors, printed board, a unit, hard drive... to explain to students what we can do with them... A lot more than just throw them away.

The main student question was : what you do with all these wastes? Reuse and Recycling. Personal data from hard drive are swiped... Nothing finish in Landfill (or less than 1%).
The 2 student ''anxiety'' were : personal data are protected? and do you export in China...? Personal data from hard drive are safety managed : swiped with a software called ''D-ban'' and we export sometimes to China or other countries BUT only to certified recyclers and for reuse, we do not export junk.

On this sunny day we do not collect a lot of items but students were listening us, it is very important to communicate about e-waste, not a lot is known about them.

You want to learn more about E-waste :) :
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